Round Balloons
ABC has been involved in many design & build projects for Clients and has considerable experience in operating Round and Special Shape balloons. We use our expertise to ensure that our Clients get the best value from their investment. We work very closely with Bristol based
Cameron Balloons, who are the largest hot air balloon manufacturer in the world, to ensure that your own balloon faithfully reproduces the product, image, or logo of your Company, offers the best value for money and gives the excellent operational benefits.
A Round hot air balloon with stunning artwork can be a show-stopper and has the ability to carry a number of passengers - TV, media, guests, personalities, prize-winners and staff. A Special Shape hot air balloon is more likely to grab the attention of the media, TV and the Public, so campaign messages should be limited to brand advertising and response mechanisms. It is possible, during a hot air balloon campaign, to change limited amounts of artwork on a balloon; especially through the use of tailor made banners, attached by Velcro, which can be used to add #yourballoonmessage
The artwork can be sewn on top of the main balloon fabric - appliqué - or cut in to the original balloon envelope, to save weight and ensure an authentic colour match to exiting logos and artwork. It is also possible to reproduce a full colour photographic image, using a massive ink-jet printer which prints the individual panels of the balloon. A good example of this would be the Clairol balloon which we commissioned for Procter & Gamble.
Big and Bold hot air balloon branding, creates the best advertising impact.
A balloon comprises two parts: the envelope (the fabric part of the balloon) and the bottom end (the basket, burner and ancillary equipment). The balloon is then classified by its envelope size. Balloons are measured per '000 cubic feet, so a 77 has a total volume of 77,000 cubic feet. As the volume is increased, the number of passengers capable of being carried increases. A Round, 77,000 cu. ft. balloon envelope costs from £15,000.
31 - 56
Only capable of carrying the pilot, branded balloons of this size are cheap to produce and provide a great solution for companies looking to do short term contracts, or are working on tight budgets.
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65 - 105
The most common size of advertising balloon, capable of carrying the pilot and between 2 and 4 passengers. This size of balloon provides the perfect balance between passenger carrying capabilities and initial construction cost.
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Balloons of this size are designed primarily for their passenger carrying capabilities. Able to fly upwards of 5 people at a time, ABC has its own 120 used for Film & TV.
Hot air balloons are annually checked by a Civil Aviation Inspector, to confirm their Continuing Airworthiness and safety.
On average a balloon will last between 300 - 400 hours, which equates to around 4-5 years of commercial use.
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