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Airship & Balloon Company specialise in hot air balloon advertising and aerial marketing for TV, corporate clients, sponsorship, media campaigns, filming, events, balloon sales and balloon hire | Worldwide.

Current and past hot air balloon advertising Clients include, KAWS, Universal Pictures, Audible, TATA, TCS London Marathon, Abbott World Marathon Majors, Clairol, Prudential, Nokia, Lucozade, Expedia, P&G, Churchill, Tesco, Shield, MBDA, Virgin Atlantic, Iveco Ford,, BBC, ITV, Weightwatchers, Camp Wildfire and many more.

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Why use Airship & Balloon Company?

Unlike others operating in the industry, we provide a truly unique service which is completely tailored to your specific hot air balloonadvertising requirements and marketing goals.

We also ensure that working alongside us for your hot air balloon advertisingcampaign will be a pleasurable experience. Everyone at the company is committed to providing a warm, friendly service. Airship & Balloon Company will develop a tailored marketing strategy to maximise the advertising benefit of Using Your Hot Air Balloon. When Airship & Balloon Company operate your branded balloon, you can rest assured that you’re working with experienced and knowledgeable commercial pilots. Our balloon crew can enhance your reputation and prove invaluable to your advertising efforts. Due to our ongoing commitment of providing the perfect marketing solution, we have been able to work with some of the world’s biggest brands.

What Makes Our Advertising Balloons Special?

At Airship & Balloon Company, we specialise in hot air balloon sales and hot air balloon hire. ABC designs, manages and operates branded hot air balloons. Our balloons are an innovative tool for companies running commercial marketing and advertising campaigns. Our clients admit that there is nothing which compares to a hot air balloon marketing campaign. The direct results of these are exceptional. A hot air balloon enables you to get your message and branding across to thousands of people in a memorable and innovative way. We find you can’t achieve this through other advertising means.After 12 months living with Covid-19, people are keen to see refreshing forms of advertising and promotion - a colourful, branded hot air balloon achieves this like nothing else can!

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Managing Director - Nick Langley
Finance Director - Sally Langley
Operations Manager - Becky Macfarlane

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Airship & Balloon Company Ltd.
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Registered in England & Wales: No 03425257