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Induction Loops

The Disability Discrimination Act (1995) was introduced to ensure that those people with a disability, which includes hearing loss, were catered for in buildings and places with public access.
These places include Churches, Village Halls, Banks, Doctors' Surgeries, Offices, Shops, Hotels, Libraries, Museums, Theatres and many more.

Location Sound has extensive experience in the supply and installation of both Audio Frequency Induction Loops and Infrared Systems.

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Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems, use a special Induction Loop Amplifier which creates an electro- magnetic field within a specified room, by way of cable which can be fixed within the floor, ceiling void or alongside a dado rail or skirting board. The hearing aid user benefits from the Loop System, by switching their hearing aid to the 'T' position.
Speech or music signals are fed into the amplifier and the hearing aid user is able to participate fully, by hearing the intended sounds, rather than a jumble of ambient noise.
Operation of the system is very simple - once installed it just needs to be switched on. The only downside with AFILS is the lack of security, as the magnetic radiation can spill outside of the room, depending on the loop current and the thickness of the outside walls of the room.
This factor should also be considered when more than one loop is installed in the same building, as the loops can react with each other, particularly in adjoining rooms if not installed correctly.
We have installed Loop Systems in all types and sizes of buildings from ticket offices to football stadiums and many churches. Nursing Homes and Residential Care Homes find Induction Loop Systems particularly useful in TV Rooms and Sitting Rooms where the TV sound is often turned up higher and higher by those people with hearing problems. By fitting a Loop System the TV Sound can be clearly heard on the individual hearing aid - even if the audible sound is turned down very low. 

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