Suspension Bridge - Gateway to the south west
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Public Buildings

We have installed numerous systems in Public Buildings in the area, including
Radstock, Museum, Swindon Library, Swindon Job Centre, Clevedon Town Council
offices, Bristol University Student Health Services and Tawhill Medical Centre.

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Radstock Museum - this system is used to assist in the AV presentations to
visitors to this museum, which celebrates and details the history of mining
in the Somerset Coalfields.

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Swindon Library - the system comprises a Cloud multi-zone
mixer/amplifier with digital paging zone selection, microphones, used to make announcements
via 63 ceiling loudspeakers throughout the building.

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Town Council Offices, Clevedon, North Somerset - Secure, Infra Red hearing system
in Meeting Rooms.

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Compton Verney, Warwickshire - Induction Loop/Speech Systems in 8 locations.

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