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Church Systems

Much of our work during the past 40+ years, has been the supply and installation of speech and music systems of all types, in modern and medieval churches, ranging from a tiny church near Chippenham, built in the 11th century to the Pro-Cathedral in Clifton, Bristol.

We also now install CCTV Systems in Churches, due to the damage/theft experienced by some Customers. These systems also help in personal security of Church staff, as images of visitors can be recorded - please see CCTV section for more details.

We work closely with the PCC Architect and DAC to ensure that the sound system is in keeping with the surroundings and aesthetics of the building.
Most systems comprise a mixer amplifier, with radio microphones and monitor style loudspeakers. An induction Loop System for hearing aid users is a requirement under the Disability Discrimination Act.
We can also supply and install multi channel radio microphones systems and 12 or 24 channel mixers, with fold-back for musicians.

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