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Contact us by using the mobile number, or the form below, if you would like more information on any aspect of hot air ballooning.

Airship & Balloon Company is a leading international hot air balloon operator specialising in aerial display and hot air balloon advertising & marketing. ABC has a long pedigree of success and our first major Client was Prudential Assuarnce, in 1987. ABC built its enviable reputation by providing clients with quality media and advertising attention, at a reasonable cost. We operate and fly balloons all over the world, including the US, Asia/Pacific, South America, Africa and of course Europe. Our mission is to exceed our client's expecations and offer a perosnally tailored service. Safety and the well being of your customers and their brand is fundamental to the way in which we operate our client's balloons. We are happy to answer any questions, or supply additional information or technical details and produce visuals of how your balloon might look. A full costing, including Storage and Management of the balloon, Ground and Flying insurance cover, is included in our Annual Management Fee.


Tel: 07971-154717
Airship & Balloon Company Ltd.,
82, Henbury Road,
Bristol BS10 7AA
United Kingdom
Registered in England & Wales:
No 03425257

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Airship & Balloon Company Ltd.
82, Henbury Road,
Bristol BS10 7AA
Registered in England & Wales: No 03425257