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Weddings and Parties or Corporate Events.

Unbranded balloons for Weddings and Parties.

ABC has its own un-branded hot air balloons, which can be hired on a daily-basis, for weddings and parties, filming and corporate functions.

A hot air balloon makes a great focal point at a corporate function or wedding and ABC has been helping to create a memorable day for our customers, for 30 years. We need an area of grass 50 metres x 50 metres with vehicle access, no overhead obstructions or cables and no street furniture such as lamp post or benches. The team will arrive a few hours before your planned event and arrange 3 vehicles which act as 'anchor points' to which the balloon is attached. When the balloon is fully inflated and stands upright, the vehicles are positioned to ensure that the balloon can be safely controlled by the Pilot, with a crew member in the downwind vehicle controlling the length of that tether rope, under the supervision of the Pilot. By driving slowly towards the balloon basket, the Pilot is able to control the balloon's ascent and when the balloon is at the desired height - usually 20-30 feet above ground - the vehicle stops. To descend, the Pilot instructs the crew member to reverse the vehicle slowly and this gently lowers the balloon. We are usually happy to take guests in the balloon basket for a short tehered flight, subject to prevailing weather conditions on the day.

For your personal or corporate event, please do contact us to discuss.
Prices from £1,500 + VAT per half day + Travel Costs.
Contact Becky Macfarlane to discuss - a site visit may be necessary.

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You can even book one of our balloons for the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, for the whole weekend, for private or corporate flights. 
 Contact Nick Langley to discuss - a site visit may be necessary -

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CAA Approved Balloon Operator

Managing Director - Nick Langley
Thirty years of commercial balloon flying experience, with a background of senior management in sales and marketing, guarantees that we deliver our Client's expectations and results - every time!
Finance Director - Sally Langley
Sally deals with all finance matters.
Operations Manager - Becky Macfarlane
Becky held Management positions in Retail for 15 years, before joining ABC and runs balloon operations -

We look forward to speaking to you soon.
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